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  • Welcome to Euphoria's Traditional Products

  • We produce Double Distilled Tsipouro of the highest quality

  • Extra Virgin Olive oil exclusively from Euphoria's single estate

  • Robola "Xerosterna" - Natural White Wine of Kefalonia

  • Homemade marmalade, grape syrup, balsamic vinegar & many more traditional products

  • Agrotourism Accommodation in our traditional home

Euphorias Extra Virgin oil

These organically grown trees lie 600 - 700 metres up the slopes of Mount Ainos national park.

This is the highest level where olive trees can still flourish.

Due to the elevation and the blend made from three different varieties of olive tree, Dopia, Thiako and Mousela,the oil renders a fruity peppery taste and aroma.

Virgin Oil

Kefalonian Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Euphoria"

Kefalonian Double Distilled Tsipouro

Tsipouro mixed varieties

Tsipouro from mixed Kefalonian varieties

Tsipouro from Moscato

Tsipouro exclusively from Moscato grapes

Tsipouro Aged in Oak barrels

Tsipouro Aged in Oak Barrels

Tsipouro making is a ritualistic event which begins in mid august after the grapes have been pressed.
The residue – grape skins, seeds and stems are left to ferment in large vats before they are transferred to a large copper cauldron atop a wood burning stone furnace.

The process finishes at the end of October when the last drop of Tsipouro falls.

We make three different kinds of Tsipouro:

  • The Mix, which is made from all the local Kefalonian varieties.
  • Moscato, which only has Moscato.
  • The Aged, which is matured in oak barrels.  

Organic Kefalonian Robola Wine

Kefalonian Robola

Kefalonian Robola Natural White Wine

These beautiful organic vineyards also set on the slopes of Mount Ainos, at an altitude of 400 to 600 metres above sea level, is made up solely of traditional Robola vines, indigenous only to the island of Kefalonia.

The superb quality of Robola Natural Kserosterna is fermented with natural yeasts, it matures with no interference or refinement. Sulfites are kept to a bare minimum with the prospect of doing away with them all together.

Various Kefalonian Products

We produce in limited quantities:

  • Aromatic olive oil, Olive oil soap bars, Aromatic vinegar, Marmalade,Fig jam
  • Aromatic olive oil with wild herbs such as oregano, marjoram, thyme and rosmary.
  • Table olives in salty vinegar and oregano.
  • Olive oil soap bars.
  • Petimezi (concentrated grape juice)
  • Aromatic vinegar
  • Marmalade, orange, mandarin, bergamont and lemon.
  • Fig jam.

Grape syrup

The Traditional Kefalonian Petimezi

Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar from condensed Petimezi